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Bad Massage Gun Review | I bought the worst massage gun available online Product Reviews

Bad Massage Gun Review | I bought the worst massage gun available online Product Reviews

What happens if you decide to be cheap and buy the worst massage available online? Well how about you watch this video instead of making the stupid mistake of buying a cheap massage gun. Watch this massage gun product review by Adam Cardona LMT and get the professional opinion about a massage gun from a massage therapist. If you need an affordable high quality massage gun scroll down and buy one of Adam’s top massage gun options.

So we accidentally made the yellow version too long. We released it yesterday and only released it was badly edited. Here is the blue version without the extra end credit scene. I guess we opened and ended with the same scene.

You can still find the accidental over cut online, this one is superior just cause it was edited better.

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00:00:00 Start
00:00:05 The Junk Massage Gun
00:00:13 Massage Gun Versus
00:00:34 Worst Massage Gun Product Review
00:00:46 Why I’m reviewing the worst massage gun
00:00:58 The massage gun’s motor
00:01:14 Bad massage gun vs Massage Gun
00:02:03 The Battery on the worst massage gun
00:02:28 Massage Gun Weight
00:02:32 Not To Smart
00:02:41 Don’t Be Cheap
00:02:48 Is a Bad Massage Gun Safe?
00:03:04 Do You Even Use The Force… Bro?
00:03:09 3 Massage Gun Alternatives
00:03:30 Oh Bother
00:03:33 The 4 Massage Gun Attachments
00:03:51 A Better Massage Gun
00:03:54 Don’t buy cheap
00:04:01 Massage Gun Under $100
00:04:05 How much should a massage gun cost
00:04:14 Massage Gun Information

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