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How to do Eyelid Massage and Meibomian Gland Expression for Dry Eyes and Eyelid Stye

Learn how to perform a lid massage for your eyes! Good for dry eyes and styes! Check out the EyeLove Compress

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⚡ Show Notes & Resources ⚡

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~Products to help with Eyelid hygiene~

#1 Clinically proven product to improve blepharitis and oil gland function at home.

2. EyeLove Moist Heat Compress

3. Another Warm Compress I like
Bruder Moist Heat Compress
Bruder Mask Moist Heat Dry Eye Compress – Microwavable
Use code EYEHEALTH10 for 10% off!

4. Eyelid Cleansor from EyeLove

5. ⚡ Eye Friendly Makeup and Remover⚡
Heyedrate® Eye Makeup Remover Oil | With Tea Tree and Vitamin E

6. My favorite Eyelid Cleaning Wipes
Tear Restore HylaWipe
Zocular Wipe

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About This Video:
Joseph Allen, OD, FAAO explains how to perform eyelid massage for dry eyes and how it helps with meibomian gland expression. We also go over the importance of doing a hot compress for eyes to help with styes and chalazion.

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