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Massage Chairs

Massage Chairs

Massage Chairs. The Space Criterion

You must have a specific amount of space for the massage chair, in your house. This must be the foremost aspect that must be considered. Massage chairs are not light in weight and many a massage chair is quite heavy. A large number of people prefer to keep these chairs in the home office area or the bedroom. There might be a case wherein, you would want to keep the massage chair in your living room, but it might just cramp up the living room area. Moreover, the other people in the house might not like the idea.

Many of massage chairs have the recliner feature. So, you must place the chair in a place such that you can make full use of the recliner feature and recline without any encumbrance or space constraint.

People Using Massage Chairs

5’10 inches or thereabouts is the comfortable height, wherein the use of the massage chair can be optimized. If you are significantly shorter or taller then this figure then the best thing would be to give the massage chair a test ride. This is because your height determines whether the back rollers of the massage chair will massage your back or the back of your head and neck.

All massage chairs are available with a control pad, which can be used to adjust the position of the rollers and the nodes, when the massage chair is in use. There are also other massage chairs that have an automatic adjustment system configured into them, which identifies the height of a person and adjusts its rollers accordingly. Your massage chair should offer you comfort, hence before buying you must always check whether the height of the massage seat etc will offer you comfort or not.

Massage Chair Features

Once you give the market for massage chairs a look over you will find that a typical massage chair comes with a whole lot of features. However, not all features are used on a frequent basis.

See if the features suit your requirements or not. Suppose you suffer from a chronic neck strain, then you must choose a massage chair that will address that specific problem. There are a few massage chairs that concentrate only on the neck and shoulder areas while there are others that use the inflation and deflation of airbags to massage a particular area.

There are also some massage chairs that concentrate on your leg and foot areas, while others put primary focus on the hip and buttocks. Moreover, the intensity of the massage must also be checked before you purchase a massage chair. There are some chairs that are known for their intense pressure while there are other who do not exert as much pressure while massaging.


We had mentioned earlier that massage chairs don’t come cheap. However, there is no real need to buy massage chairs from the top of the heap, with a high price tag. When it comes to massage chairs, the price is not the determinant of quality of efficacy. Remember, the more the features in a particular massage chair, the higher the price tag. Nobody uses all the features of a massage chair, so if you want to buy within the confines of a particular budget then its best that you choose a massage chair that offers a few basic features.

The design, features, and lastly the price of massage chairs is enough to make your mind boggle. So, just look at your inherent requirement and revolve your choice around them.