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Massage Oil and Its Benefits

Massage Oil and Its Benefits

Massage oil is one of the most important agents used in every massage session. Its use can be traced back in the ancient times, as early as 1000 B.C. when Homer, the great Greek poet, mentioned about an oily medium used for massage during that time in one of his writings. Several reports also show that massage oil existed since the early days as Plato and Socrates even wrote something like “anointing with oil and rubbing to ease pain” on their early writings. Well, to some degree, this substantial information reveals that massage oil has already showed its healing properties to the early inhabitants of today’s fast-paced world.

Basically, the use of massage oil as a therapeutic tool stems from the notion that when the body is rubbed dry, the friction created will start to generate heat and pain in the body. The heat and pain that can be felt throughout the body is what will aggravate wind or the so-called “vata” element, which in turn can disturb the gasses present in the body. So to avoid this friction and eventually disperse heat throughout the body, the massage oil is applied.

There are other benefits that the massage oil can provide. In one of the most recent researches, it was found out that the oil acts and serves as a nutrient for the skin. It helps to strengthen and boost the nerve fibers that are attached to the hair follicles, and most of all, it allows the skin to be resistant to whatever kind of environmental pressure and temperature there is. What’s more nice to know is that massage oil helps to cure dryness of the whole body, so it’s no wonder that many people applied massage oils to their navel before going to sleep for that purpose.

Massage oil also has something to do with the wellness of the nervous system. Experts have noted that when the oil is applied to the skull and junction of the spine, what happens is that the oil calms the entire nervous system, leaving the system functional. And, didn’t you wonder that most of the elderly today apply massage oil to their head? That is because the oil has the power to strengthen the memory of the person and improve vision.

Now if you are wondering what types of massage oil are available on the market these days, then note first that some of them are combinations of essential oils, while others are used individually for certain effects and purposes. A few of them are the following:

* Castor Oil – this oil is often used on dry and cracked feet, as well as in scar tissue. Many also use this in poultice. This is said to clean the lymphatic system, break up scar tissue, and draw out toxins.
* Sweet Almond – is one of the most applied oil available for the reason that it is good for most types of skin, especially for dry and itching skin. According to some findings, this massage oil penetrates and nourishes the skin, and it has anti-inflammatory effect and is very light.
* Apricot Oil – this oil has nourishing, revitalizing and moisturizing properties. The common use of this oil is for dehydrated, mature, delicate and sensitive skin. Another notable thing about this oil is that it is potent for soothing inflammation, and is finely textured, so it spreads easily to the body. What’s more, this massage oil is rich in linoleic and oleic acid.

There are other types of massage oil available on the market today. However, the pure cold-pressed oils are said to be the ideal oil for the massage therapists. So, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of the oil, then try looking for it.