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ZIRRFA Extracorporeal Shockwave Machine ,ED Shockwave Therapy Device, with 11 Massage Heads and 25 Energy Gears, Body Muscle Massager Shock Wave Machine for Plantar Fasciitis Pain Relieve

🌻【Improve Blood Circulation】: The ED shock wave treatment device can stimulate your body’s acupuncture points to improve microcirculation and blood flow, which has a clear site of action and minimal impact on the surrounding tissues.

🌻【11 Function Heads】: ED shock wave therapy machine with 11 massage heads to choose from. You can freely change the function head according to your needs, suitable for different parts of the body, and meet your different needs.

🌻【Cell Division】: The shock wave therapy massager can improve cell membrane permeability by enhancing ion channel activity, promote cell division and increase B1 growth factor and improve osteoblast mitosis.

🌻【Adjustable Gears】: The extracorporeal shock wave treatment device has 25 energy gears and 16 frequency gears, suitable for bone tissue diseases, osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and chronic soft tissue injuries, etc.

🌻【Promote Recovery】: The shock wave treatment device generates electromagnetic shock wave energy to activate osteoblasts and tissue cells, effectively stimulate cell division and cell cytokine production, and accelerate recovery.

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