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GEHPYYDS Shockwave Therapy Machine Shock Wave Electromagnetic ED Treatment Pain Relief Deep Muscle Massager Relax Device for Erectile Dysfunction with 11 Massage Head

★ 【ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE THERAPY DEVICE】: Shockwave therapy machine using the principle of sound waves, the massage effect can reach the fascia layer directly, thereby fundamentally solving various problems caused by muscle tension. And movement and positioning of the probe through therapy, pain in a variety of human tissues can have a good treatment effect.

★【ED Therapy】: Analgesic ED therapy uses pulsed sound waves to effectively address the root causes of poor performance, poor blood flow in men, and effectively improve function by increasing blood flow, providing a healthier, longer-lasting condition, avoiding surgery and associated dangers The possibility that the body is not affected by the drug.

★【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】This shock wave therapy device is equipped with 11 functional heads, which are suitable for different body parts, meet your different needs and promote cell metabolism. It can treat osteoarthritis, talus osteochondral injury, tenosynovitis, subacromial bursitis, prepatellar bursitis, patellar tendonitis, cleft hip spasm, osteonecrosis, Achilles tendon pain, cellulite removal, ED treatment, etc.

★ 【Aesthetic Purposes】 — Body sculpting, anti-cellulite treatment, treatment of skin irregularities after liposuction, improvement of skin elasticity, tightening of connective tissue, smoothing of scars and wrinkles, reduction of stretch marks, stimulation of the lymphatic system

★ 【PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT】: Ergonomic and easy-to-use automatic myofascial releaser, ideal for personal massage at home, office and outdoors. Product packaging for installation and removal Massagers, organizing and safe use of machines are very helpful and keep fit.

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