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PerVita Medical Focused Shock Wave Therapy Machine Extracorporeal Shockwave ED Therapy Electromagnetic Focal ESWT Machine for Joint and Muscle Pain Relief Non-Invasive Pain-Free No Side Effects PSP30

FAST RECOVERY: Non-invasive and safe method with pressure waves to treat various musculoskeletal conditions. Self-healing and body repair with high-energy acoustic shock waves for improving blood flow. No post-surgical healing time required.

NON-INVASIVE: Non-anesthetic, non-surgical, safe, and efficient treatment. Activate cell tissue self-repair and bone damage repair by improved blood circulation.

FOR MEN: Painless and non-invasive prostate treatment. Penile revascularization therapy without medication or surgery. Stimulates tissue cell regeneration and heals erectile dysfunction (ED). Provides significant improvement in perineal pain, frequent and painful urination.

FOR WOMEN: Efficient and fast pelvic floor muscle repair for postpartum relaxation problems after pregnancy and childbirth. Helps healing urine leakage, vaginal relaxation and uterine prolapse problems. Enjoy a healthy and high-quality postpartum life.

EASY AND SAFE OPERATION: Small in size, mighty in function with user-friendly HD touch screen. Easy access to medical-grade treatment results.

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