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How to ACTUALLY Give a GOOD Shoulder Massage -MoveU

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Do Try This at Home!
Don’t Do it in an Ed Hardy Jacket!
And Don’t Be The Dude Who Massages Your Female Coworkers!

If you want a neck/shoulder massage, tag someone in this post! 💆‍♀️Each of these videos utilizes the same massage technique, so I decided to post them together. One shows you how to massage someone’s neck from the base of the skull downward, while the other demonstrates how to massage the meaty traps. Everyone has the power to give massages, the problem is that many of you do them terribly. You try to be nice and comfort someone, but instead cause them tremendous pain by jabbing into them, burning the skin, or scraping them with your nails.⁣

Utilize the “squeeze” method as Mike demonstrates dozens of times. You don’t necessarily need lotion to massage. Lotion is helpful, but you can actually just glide the skin over the top of the muscles. You don’t have to glide your finger over the skin to massage the muscle. Gliding your fingers over the skin creates a burning/tearing sensation on the skin that is unbearable. The squeeze method is very similar to kneading dough. ⁣

When using the skin to massage, the distance that you will squeeze and drag the skin will depend on how stretchy the person’s skin is. My skin is very stretchy, hence why Mike’s hand is moving so much. If the person’s skin is tighter, you probably won’t be able to glide the skin as far. This is okay, it just means that if you want to massage a different location of the muscle, you have to actually let go, lift your hand, and grab a new portion of the muscle. Don’t just drag your fingers to the new location of the muscle… skin burning! Remember? ⁣

You also don’t need to “death-grip” them. Start with gentle squeezes. If they like it and want more than squeeze harder. Simple. ⁣

Have fun with your partners folks. 😉⁣

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