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Neck and Shoulder Massage Technique (Neck Pain)

The strap-like levator scapulae muscle mass ranges from the transverse procedures of cervical vertebrae (C1-4) to the superomedial angle of the scapula (shoulder blade).

The levator scapulae muscular tissue has the capability to relocate both the shoulder blade and the neck. In regards to the shoulder blade, this muscular tissue can produce both scapular altitude (believe shrugging your shoulders) and descending turning. When the shoulder blade is dealt with, the levator scapulae muscular tissue develops ipsilateral (very same side) side bend (ear to shoulder) of the neck.

Oftentimes, individuals with both neck and shoulder discomfort will certainly offer with inflammation at the factor where the levator scapulae muscle mass affixes on the shoulder blade. Doing a little bit of continual stress on this plant is usually valuable in regards to minimizing discomfort and enhancing both neck and shoulder feature.

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Today’s video clip shows exactly how to carry out a basic neck and shoulder massage therapy strategy that targets the levator scapulae muscular tissue and can help in reducing neck discomfort.