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nubulala Extracorporal ShockWave Therapy Machine for Pain Relief and Joint , ED Treatment, Muscle and Bone Tissue Regeneration, Painless, Non-Invasive, No Side Effects

【What is Pneumatic Shockwave Therapy machine】Pneumatic ballistic shockwave promotes regeneration processes of the bones, tendons and soft tissues. With its wide range of application area, Shockwave Therapy device provides you with highly effective and non invasive treatment method to accelerate the healing process of many problems.

【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION】 Wide range of application area. Fast relief in joint and muscle pain, efficient e-r-ectile d-y-sfunction treatment, muscle, and bone tissue recovery.

【VARIOUS PROFESSIONAL WORKING HEAD】Our therapy machine Provides a various professional working head. High effectiveness, fast relieve pain. Non-anesthetic, non-surgical, safe, and efficient treatment. Activate c-e-l-l tissue self-repair and bone damage repair by improved b-l-o-o-d circulation. 10 -20 minutes for each session. Average 6 to 8 treatment courses, clearly curative effect,

【EFFICIENT ANALGESIA】Fast relief in joint and muscle pain caused by prolonged sedentary work and other occupational diseases. Effective and rapid recovery in sports-induced muscle injuries. Significant relief in pain caused by bone inflammation.

【After-Sales Service】About After-sales service ,have some client feedback can’t contact with after-sale service,but in fact our after-sale service always here,If have meet Machine usage problem or failure problem ,please through Amazon send message to seller ,We are very pleasure to help you solve the problem ,the shipping date problem or refund and return problem please contact with Amazon customer service.

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